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The dietetics department of Ark Medical Centre is focused on promoting a healthy living by identifying nutritional problems and helping clients with the best solutions to their nutritional needs.

The services we render include the following:

  • Operating a private consulting practise to provide expertise in nutrition as well as promote health and prevention disease.
  • Assessing the nutritional status of our patients and identifying nutritional problems in a clinical setting.
  • Developing diet plans and counselling patients on special diets modifications.
  • Promoting, protecting and enhancing the health of our clients by providing strategies for prevention of nutrition related diseases.
  • Educating patients on better food choices, products and the proportions needed for consumption. 
  • Working with individuals, groups, workplaces and media to provide dietary advice for healthy living.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7
Sunday 24/7
Holidays Open

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