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Why Ark Medical Centre?

Ark Medical Centre is a private healthcare facility located in Abeka Lapaz in Accra. We are dedicated to the provision of patient-oriented medical care for all our clients.

At Ark Medical, every person is different from the over 7 billion people in the world and must therefore be treated special with customized services that would suit the needs of the client and this is done in a homely environment.

Why Ark Medical Centre?

Our mantra “Friendly Healthcare” is the driving force behind what we do.

It means right from the entrance, through the OPD, consulting rooms, laboratory, pharmacy, wards etc, you will feel you are being treated by intimate friends who value the relationship and are happy to see you visit . This means we have ample time for you, educate you on your condition & involve you in decision making concerning the healthcare solutions we are providing.

We recognize that clients have options for their healthcare. We therefore feel honored that they chose to use our service and we wow them for choosing Ark Medical.

Experienced Accredited Doctors

Quality healthcare services from our experienced licensed and accredited doctors and health professionals

Free Consultation

With your NHIS membership, you get Free Consultation & Affordable Treatment every time from our panel Doctors & medical staff.

All Round Services

One roof high-quality & advanced treatment, health check-up service for your perfect health. Visit our various departments sections to learn more.

Emergency Services

Ark Medical Clinic offers emergency services for accidents, midnight ailments, and other unique medical incidents.


  • PRIVATE CLIENTS (Paying cash)

Ark Medical Centre have corporate clients who are not any of the private insurance companies. Such companies are dealt with directly. Staff and the relatives (as determined by the company) use our services as and when needed and the bill is sent to the company to arrange and make payment. Companies can determine what various levels of employees are entitled to eg private ward or general ward etc.

Ark Medical Centre also has a CO-PAYMENT PLAN which companies can subscribe to. With this plan employees can use their NHIS cards at our facility. Additional services that are not covered by the NHIS are billed to the company. This helps companies provide better care for their staff and families whilst minimizing their monthly bills paid

Companies can reach us on 0543236133 or email ([email protected], [email protected] for discussion and sign up.

Don’t have an NHIS membership? No problem. When you visit Ark Medical Centre, we can either help you get a membership or you could get healthcare without membership at an affordable rate.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7
Sunday 24/7
Holidays Open

Emergency Cases

Have an emergency and need immediate attention? Kindly Call our hotline below and we will attend to you instantly.


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