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Ark Medical runs a 24-hour pharmacy department. It is manned by qualified pharmacists and pharmacy support staff who are very professional and receptive to all clients. The pharmacy is well stocked with prescription medications as well as over the counter medicines. 

The pharmacy supplies medicines required for use within the facility both in patients and out patients. This is done in consultation with the prescribers so that medicines stocked are in accordance with the needs of the clients.

Our pharmacy service is very rich with quality patient care. We understand that medicines can be helpful to our clients if only they take them at the required time intervals as well as complete a given course. As such we give clients ample information and counseling on when and how the medicines should be taken, the contraindications, the side effects they may experience and what to do if they experience such effects. 

The pharmacists’ access to a client’s profile on our secured network ensures that medicines dispensed are not contraindicated for allergies with other medicines the client is taking or with their food. 

We accept a wide range of private insurance cards including Acacia, Apex, Apex Care, Cosmopolitan, Kaiser, Phoenix, Premier, Nationwide and My Health. 

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 24/7
Saturday 24/7
Sunday 24/7
Holidays Open

Emergency Cases

Have an emergency and need immediate attention? Kindly Call our hotline below and we will attend to you instantly.


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